What to expect

Making appointments: Clients are offered a choice of appointment times. Appointments will typically last thirty minutes although the scan itself only takes a few seconds. The staff conduct the appointment in a sensitive manner and treat each subject with courtesy and respect.

After the scan: The 3D data is processed and analysed using Body Aspect's proprietary software. For NHS breast assessment scans an assessment report is normally delivered to the CCG within a few days of the scan.

The scanning experience: The scan uses harmless infrared light to capture three-dimensional body data. The actual scan itself is taken by a qualified operator and only takes a few seconds. To get the best results each subject is scanned in well-fitting underwear.

What our clients say

The scan has been a great motivator. I feel drummed up to focus on my weight loss programme.
It really helped with my motivation - because the scan doesn't lie.
It made me want to think more kindly of myself - to have a more positive body image.

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