Inspiring innovations in 3D body imaging

Body Aspect is an innovator in the field of 3D body imaging. Through its technological developments the company has helped to guide the industry into new territories including sizing surveys for the apparel industry, 3D image assessment, and body measurement services for the NHS. The evolution of 3D body imaging continues as synergy with virtual reality leads to new applications for the healthcare industry.

How we make a difference

Body Aspect has developed a recovery programme that incorporates new 3D body image and weight management tools to help motivate change, monitor progress and support long-term results.  
We are currently evaluating new services.  Perhaps you are a weight management professional, NHS weight management service or eating disorders clinic and would like to know more?
Many Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are using Body Aspect's 3D body imaging technology within their pathways for elective breast reduction and correction of breast asymmetry. Patient acceptance is high because the method is objective and fair, and CCG commissioners are delighted because it leads to fewer inappropriate referrals.
Are you a forward thinking CCG that wants to remove inaccuracy and subjectivity from your criteria for these interventions?

Our expertise



3D body imaging can provide information about body size and shape that is not possible with traditional tools: a tape measure cannot measure your volume; scales do not show how your weight is distributed; and a mirror cannot quantify how your shape is changing.  Body Aspect thrives on innovation, and the appetite for breaking new ground has led to funding awards from Innovate UK on three occasions.


In the media

When Body Aspect provided their expertise to fashion guru Gok Wan during his popular series "How to Look Good Naked", it was the first time 3D image capture had been used to explore people’s self-perceptions of body image. The technology was later used  in a BBC documentary on eating disorders and in ITV’s weight management programme Slim to Win with Rosemary Conley.



From international research projects, which explored the use of the technology to achieve better fitting clothes, to Innovate UK co-funded projects that examine how the technology can help to tackle obesity and eating disorders, Body Aspect has always relished being involved in pioneering research.